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All of the Powerful Things You're Going To 
Learn in Rocking The Ship:
How To
Futureproof Yourself
How to protect your blindside by understanding what your Nightmare Competitors business model looks like compared to your own
How To
Differentiate Your Business
How to differentiate yourself within your business by stepping away from outdated approaches to strategy
How To
Create Your Nightmare Competitor
How to create bold new business models by virtually and playfully attacking your own business using just a 4-step system
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You Have Four Options With Your Business
Many business owners cling to what they know, the status quo. There is often the misguided belief that change is somehow bad for business when nothing could be further from the truth.
All too often great ideas get watered down through fear that they are 'too bold' or may ruffle too many feathers... There is an inherent risk that this dilution will lead to failure of an otherwise stellar business
This is where the magic occurs. Getting ahead of the curve and making your competitors irrelevant is a hallmark of true disruption. To disrupt or to be disrupted... It's your choice.
In tough economic times, over 40% of small businesses fail - that's a fact. Most of these business owners either ignored the warning signs or stood and watched from the sidelines as the world changed around them
Most people in business are occupied by fiddling with their business, tweaking things here and there, making incremental changes. In reality, that’s a lot like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
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Proof it Works!
"Having adopted the 'Rocking the Ship' system to advance our strategic thinking I have found it refreshingly challenging and extremely valuable; there is significant application to our business, especially in terms of questioning our business model. 
The Masterclass has shown us exactly how to create our Nightmare Competitor, to determine what it looks like and how we can fill that space before someone else does. The sessions with Mat forced me to think about how our business could be made irrelevant. They changed our way of thinking.

I would recommend the Business Model Mavericks Masterclass to any forward thinking business owner."
Kurt Clifton FCPA. Partner, Clifton Accountants

"The Masterclass made us challenge every aspect of our business model and focus on our customers needs with a new level of intensity. To be honest, it made us realise how vulnerable we were.

Being part of The Mavericks community is invaluable, it gives me a peer group to bounce off and ensures we stay sharp.

“Everyone except our competitors should dive into this Masterclass!!"
Martin Lukac. Operations Manager, High Pressure Plus Australia
About the Authors
MAt Lock
Mat Lock is a maverick business innovation coach and has helped many business owners, executives and managers of diverse industries to develop bold new strategies and future proof themselves.
Uli Grothe
Uli Grothe, an expert in strategy development, runs seminars in Europe for two prestigious business schools and coaches executives to challenge their business models.
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